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Building a large Automated Test infrastructure can be challenging. Providing you are following our best practices, the task should be relatively straight forward. That said from time to time you may see a Record or Replay issue. Here are some of the reasons that a seemingly good test can fail:

Reasons why tests may fail on playback

  • Server takes too long to respond or there is severe network lag the test case can hit it's timeout whilst waiting for the page/node to load. If you want to ensure your test waits longer you can alter the timeout. See liquidtest.properties and in Eclipse the LiquidTest Preferences dialog to change the settings.
  • Incorrect Address (XPath): Although the LiquidTest Recording engine is robust from time to time LiquidTest may get stumped on an elements address. If this is the case there may be a missing Expectation (unlikely) or the XPath may well be wrong. It is rare to see this issue and if you have an example please contact us and we will work to resolve the issue.
  • Dynamic URL's and URL validating: Some sites add Session ID's or tag variables to URL's that change everytime the page is loaded. When recording with URL validation enabled (disabled by default), the URL will be hard-coded into the test case. This can be a particular problem and cause playback issues. Example:
// First time page is loaded
URL: http://www.jadeliquid.com?sess_id=123

// Visiting for a second time
URL: http://www.jadeliquid.com?sess_id=456

Solution: Disable the URL validating on these links, or use a different URL validation rule.

  • Browser specific HTML/Javascript code: Code that is written entirely for a specific browser will mean that scripts generated by LiquidTest may not replay across different browsers. For instance:
if(isInternetExplorer()) {
  document.write("IE specific code");
} else if(isFirefox()) {
  document.write("Firefox specific code");
  • Never give up!

The team at JadeLiquid are more than happy to help and look at any issues that arise. So ”never give upjust send us an email and we will look into it right away.

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