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Increasing your Test Coverage
LiquidTest provides Java developers with a seamless web application testing tool available in the Eclipse IDE as a plugin (standalone version also available). The power of LiquidTest comes through the automation of Internet Explorer and Firefox and test case output in Java JUnit and other languages.
Quick Java Features:
  Eclipse Plugin
  Test Cases in JUnit or TestNG
  Integrations inc Continuous Integration support
  Support for Ajax and dynamic web applications
  Multiple language support (Java, C#, Groovy)
  Low learning curve
  Data-driven (spreadsheet) test support


Getting Started with LiquidTest

  Quick Start Guide  

  Hints and tips!
Developers Guide (inc server) Minimum Requirements
Framework Support (Ajax) API Reference
Integrations (inc CI)    
Data Driven Testing    
Why LiquidTest Works
LiquidTest is a unique web application testing framework built specifically to test complicated web applications. Complicated defined by Javascript, dynamic content and Ajax. LiquidTest uses a unique mix of real browsers, expecations (expectingNode, expectingLoad etc) and customized XPathing. With the right mix of the "magic sauce" LiquidTest is able to record complicated web appication actions and responses into test cases with ease.
Integrations and Supported Ajax frameworks
Given LiquidTest is designed for Software Developers, we have documented (and continue to document) many integrations with useful tools.
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