LiquidTest 3.0 with Selenium support ships!


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By now you have probably seen our press release about Selenium support in LiquidTest. If not you can see it here. No doubt you will have a few questions about this so I thought I would try and answer some for you:

What do you mean Selenium is now supported?
LiquidTest can now Record (in IE and Firefox) tests and write them in either Selenese (Selenium HTML) or Selenium JUnit. These tests will work within either LiquidTest or the standard Selenium infrastructure.

LiquidTest can also replay Selenium tests. So if you have a lot of these already you can bring them into the LiquidTest environment.

Why did you do it?
Selenium is a very popular testing framework. The Selenese language is almost a standard in the “developer tester” field. So adding support for this wasn’t too much of a leap. The problem Selenium has is that in order to test complex web applications, you need to have a developer’s understanding of both the application and of writing code for Selenium. In other words, you need to be a Developer.

You could try using the Selenium IDE Recorder, but it has many limitations when it comes to recording complex applications.

Selenium for the Masses!
By using LiquidTest, any user who has the ability to use a browser can start creating tests in Selenium! Point and click, and your Selenium test is created. Replay it and watch it work. And we aren’t just talking basic tests. Complex web applications making use of Ajax frameworks can now have tests created for Selenium using the LiquidTest recording engine.

By coupling LiquidTest’s robust record and replay engine with Selenium’s ubiquitous language, testing your application just got a lot easier. And hopefully we can bring more people into the Selenium testing world.

But LiquidTest is also great for experienced Selenium developers. Being able to develop your Selenium Tests in the Eclipse environment, access DOM and XPath information as you create your tests, manipulate your tests using a Data-Driven approach as well as run your tests in a headless environment which all combine to make this a powerful tool for developers as well.

Anything else I need to know?
We have added a few features as well, not just the industry’s leading record and replay engine. How about a few of these goodies now supported in Selenium:

Record Selenium tests with Internet Explorer

  • DataDriven tests in Selenium
  • Multi Domain support
  • Pop up windows supported
  • Supported Ajax Frameworks
  • Intelligent Object identification

To name just a few..

If you would like to try it out venture over and visit the home of our Selenium support to download a free trail:



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