888 installer builds and 7469 code checkins later LiquidTest 2.0 ships!


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We have shipped! Sincere thanks to all those that have waited patiently for our LiquidTest 2.0 to ship. The official release information is as follows:

Web Application Test Automation just got a whole lot easier
JadeLiquid Software, developers of LiquidTest, the Web 2.0 application testing framework designed for developers, announced the release of LiquidTest 2.0. LiquidTest 2.0 is stacked with new features including new IDE integrations, languages and massive core engine improvements. LiquidTest now ships with specific support for Web 2.0 frameworks such as ExtJS, Dojo, GWT, ASP.NET and more.

LiquidTest 2.0 – defined
* The Industry’s leading Web Testing Engine
* Robust XPathing and object recognition for greater test stability
* Platform support including Java (Eclipse) and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
* Multiple browser support (Internet Explorer and Firefox)
* Compatibility with Web 2.0 frameworks
* File Upload and Download support
* Support, support, support – you find it, we fix it right away!

Ready to turn the agile web testing world upside down
LiquidTest 2.0 is the accumulation of 2 years of closed-doors development with select LiquidTest clients with the aim of perfectly “tuning” the internal LiquidTest engine. Throughout this process the XPathing, Rule Matching and Framework Compliance engines have undergone ground-up rebuilds all in the name of making LiquidTest the best Web Application Test tool out there. With these major changes LiquidTest is a completely different animal to LiquidTest 1.0 or any other Web Application Testing tool ever developed.

Less time fixing, more time running tests
Traditional testing frameworks struggle when it comes to the current generation of Web technologies. LiquidTest is ground-up engineered to support the most complex of Web 2.0. Under the hood, LiquidTest utilizes deep hooks into real browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer). These deep hooks allow LiquidTest to record your actions, monitor page events and reactions and create succinct, robust test cases in languages you are already using.Check out our compliance with your framework of choice on our Supported Web 2.0 Frameworks page.

Documented Integrations, Integrations, Integrations
LiquidTest is designed to fit into your development environment. The LiquidTest team has been continuously writing and releasing integrations with many popular tools and frameworks.

Below are some of the LiquidTest integrations:
- Build Tools: ANT, Maven, NAnt, MSBuild
- Continuous Integration: Hudson, Atlassian Bamboo, Cruise Control .NET
- IDE’s: Eclipse, Visual Studio
- Test framework support: JUnit, TestNG, NUnit
- Language support: Java, Groovy, C#, Visual Basic
- Framework support: ExtJS, Dojo, GWT, ASP .NET



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888 installer builds and 7469 code checkins later LiquidTest 2.0 ships!






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