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Automated Functional Testing


LiquidTest™ is an agile Web Application Testing tool with an integrated Record and Replay engine powered by Firefox™ and Internet Explorer™. LiquidTest supports industry standard languages (Java™, C#, Ruby) and integrates with IDE's and Continuous Integration servers.



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Software Development  Toolkits




Java Browser SDK


WebRenderer™ is a Java™ browser SDK that provides a platform for embedding Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari into Java applications. WebRenderer consists of Desktop, Swing and Server editions. WebRenderer is the worlds leading standards-compliant Java browser SDK.



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Millions of deployments and counting.. Users of JadeLiquid's tools can be found in every corner of the Earth



LiquidTest Selenium?

LiquidTest now supports the Selenium test format and specification (JUnit and HTML).



Quickstart Screencasts



Watch LiquidTest in action, during a simple Record and Replay session.

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